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M.B. Plant: In mixed-bed deionizers the caution-exchange and anion-exchange resins are intimately mixed and contained in a single pressure vessel. The thorough mixture of Caution-exchangers and anion-exchangers in a single column makes a mixed-bed deionizer equivalent to a lengthy series of two-bed plants. As a result, the water quality obtained from a mixed-bed deionizer is appreciably higher than that produced by a two-bed plant. Although more efficient in purifying the incoming feed water, mixed-bed plants are more sensitive to impurities in the water Supply and involve a more complicated regeneration process. Mixed-bed deionizers are normally used to 'polish' the Water to higher levels of purity after it has been initially treated by either a two-bed deionizer or a reverse osmosis unit. We had successfully installed M.B. plant for our customer Samrudha Phrama in October 2018. For detailed inquiry about M. B. Plant please do visit our website or our manufacturing unit in Palghar.
Benefits of ALKALINE WATER for healthy life. 1. Alkaline ionized water has benefits in high blood pressure, diabetes, and high cholesterol. 2. Alkaline water help deactivate pepsin, the main enzyme that causes acid re-flux. 3. Whole blood viscosity decrease after consuming alkaline water compared to regular water after a strenuous workout hence increases blood flow 4. Anti-aging properties (via liquid antioxidants that absorb more quickly into the human body). 5. Colon-cleansing properties 6. Immune system support 7. Hydration, skin health, and other detoxifying properties. 8. Weight loss 9. Cancer resistance Hence we suggest to go alkaline & try ALKEN. ALKEN is our new water purifier product with complete STAINLESS STEEL body, tab, and storage tank of 8 liters. We got two variations, 1)ALKEN-RO-UV-UF Water Purifier. 2)ALKEN-UV-UF Water Purifier.
We had supplied and installed our new product "ALKEN India's First 100% Stainless Steel Storage RO-UV-UF-Mineralization Purifier", in Chandigarh. It have following important features which makes it stand on top of other water purifiers, A. 100% Stainless Steel Storage, 100% Stainless Steel Faucet Dispense B. Alkaline mineral water with pH ranging 8.5-9 and negative ORP Inbuilt pH and TDS controller to maintain optimum levels. C. The purifier has a total of 9 Stage purification: 1. Sediment Filtration: The inline sediment filter removes all the particles till 5 micron size such as dust, sand, large colloids and turbidity. 2. Activated Carbon Filtration: The inline carbon filters removes chlorine content and organic from water. It also enhances the taste, odour and colour of water. 3. Reverse Osmosis Membrane: The RO membrane removes all the dissolved content and bacteria and viruses which results in reduction of TDS of water. 4. Ultra-Filtration: The hollow fibre UF membrane removes colloidal particles, Baceria and Viruses thus making water Ultra pure. 5. Ultra-Violet Disinfection: The UV lamps sterilize the residual bacteria and virus thus disinfecting the water for optimum consumption. 6. Alkabeads Technology: The Alkaline module enriches the alkaline mineral content in water which makes the pH on water ranging 8.5-9 thus making the water healthy along with being pure. 7. pH and TDS controller: The valve regulates the pH and TDS levels of water to keep the parameters at optimum levels. D. Free installation and maintenance service on 1800 123 9411. E. 1 year Warranty on all electrical components. The parts will be replaced free of charge if defective. We have developed network all over India for your support, installation and service facility. With our network of well trained and experienced technicians we can install our equipment within 24 hours of delivery. We are selling our product through online channel and eCommerce website at exciting prices and offers. We are available on Amazon and our own eCommerce website For more information and online purchase please do visit our website.
Our latest product ALKEN purifier with 100% stainless steel storage and alkaline technology is been one of best product we are selling online all over India. We have developed network PAN India for installation and quick service. We at BePure are committed to provide 100% customer satisfaction with our top class service and support and provide. We have got huge success with our new product due to its unique features like, 1) 100% stainless steel storage tank. 2) Alkaline technology. 3) 9 Purification stages. 4) Elegant looks. 5) Compact design. 6) Stainless steel faucet. 7)Alkaline water. 8)PAN India network for well trained technicians. With latest technology we calculated various parameters like TDS, pH and carefully designed our product to provide you pure, healthy and hygienic water.This features make our product unique and value for money. We are already selling our product on amazon and our e-commerce website in few days we will be launching our product on Flipkart, Paytm, Pepperfry, Snapdeal and Tatacliq. Grab our product on amazon to get great offer and benefits. (Pic Credit: Mr. Mobeen our customer from Chandigarh)
DEMINIRALIZATION (DM) PLANT MANUFACTURER IN MUMBAI Demineralization is the process of removing mineral salts from Water by using the ion exchange process. Demineralised Water is Water completely free ( or almost ) of dissolved minerals as a result of one of the following processes : 1. Distillation 2. Deionization 3. Membrane filtration (reverse osmosis or nanofiltration) 4. Electrodyalisis Principle Raw Water is passed via two small polystyrene bead filled (ion exchange resins) beds. While the cations get exchanged with hydrogen ions in first bed, the anions are exchanged with hydroxyl ions, in the second one. Application of DM Plant 1 Boilers feed Water 2 Textiles 3 Pharmaceuticals 4 Swimming pools 5 Hospitals 6 Automobile 7 Pharmaceutical Industry 8 Textile Industries 9 Chemical Industries 10 Oil & Gas sector 11 Power Plant 12 Food Industry We are into water treatment, waste water treatment and water processing for last 26 years. We are one of the leading manufacture of deminiralization(DM) plant in Mumbai. We had recently commissioned one deminiralization(DM) plant for our client in Gujarat. Our client is into paper processing. Advantages of our plant 1 Variety of cost effective standard models. 2 Improved aesthetics and rugged design. 3 User friendly, low maintenance and easy to install. 4 Simpler distribution and collection systems. 5 Quick availability. 6 Pre dispatch assembly check. 7 Less power consumption 8 Durable 9 Economical 10 High shelf life For more information we request you to visit our factory at Palghar or our office at Mumbai.
We have just launched our new product for commercial and residential water purification use. It have Stainless Steel caging for protection and support. It also have rota-meter, online TDS meter, LED indication. pressure gauge. We have two variants of this products , 1) 30 LPH Alkaline RO- UF-UV System . 2) 60 LPH Alkaline RO- UF-UV System. 3) 120 LPH Alkaline RO- UF-UV System. 4) 250 LPH Alkaline UF-UV System. 5) 500 LPH Alkaline UF-UV System. Component Details Pre-Filtration: The spun pre-filter filter removes all the particles till 5 micron size such as dust, sand, large colloids and turbidity. Activated Carbon Filtration: The inline carbon filters removes chlorine content and organic from water. It also enhances the taste, odour and colour of water. Micron Filtration: The micron filter removes all the particles till 5 micron size such as dust, sand, large colloids and turbidity. Reverse Osmosis Filtration(2): The thin Flim composite membrane removes the dissolved content in water of size less than 0.0001 micron. It also removes bacterial, virus and other pathogens from water. Booster Pump: Booster pump increase the flow and pressure of water which is a requirement for operation of RO membrane. Ultrafiltration Membrane: The hollow fibre UF membrane removes colloidal particles, Bacteria and Viruses thus making water Ultra pure.This membrane is absent in UV UF models. Membrane Protector: The anti-scalant membrane doser installed before RO membrane prevents scale formation in the RO membranes. Alkabeads: The Alkaline module enriches the alkaline mineral content in water which makes the pH on water ranging 8.5-9 thus making the water healthy along with being pure. pH and TDS controller: The valve regulates the pH and TDS levels of water to keep the parameters at optimum levels. Purity Meter: The meter indicated the TDS of water which indicates the purity of water online. Pressure Gauge: Pressure gauge gives an indication of the pressure at which the system is operating. If pressure increase to a certain level it can lead to leakages and damages to filters. Rotameter: Rotameter indicated the flow at which the system is operating. For more details with specification visit our online store.
Looking at increasing awareness of pure water and importance of alkaline water in daily routine we have launched our new product ALKEN with two variants RO-UV-UF and UV-UF. Price for this product is half compared to existing water purifier. Few more important features of this product are stainless steel storage tank, storing capacity of 12 liters, stainless steel UV unit this features are not available in any of the water purifier in market. With all over India presence we are looking to provide Made In India product and provide not just the pure but hygienic water. With compact design and stainless steel storage unit it looks perfect for any modular and modern kitchen. You can visit our online store on amazon to avail best offer and India's first water purifier with stainless steel storage and alkaline technology.
Diminiraliztaion Plant: What is Demineralizer? A demineralizer is a system, which uses ion exchange chemical process to remove dissolved ionic compounds (salts) from water. It is also known as Deionized Water System, Demineralizer or DM Plant. A typical Demineralization Plant (DM Plant) consists of two vessels. The feed water or raw water is passed through first vessel i.e. containing strong base cation resin in the form of Hydrogen (H+), whereupon all the positively charged ions (sodium, calcium, iron and copper etc.) are exchanged for Hydrogen ions; after that, the water further passed through another vessel containing strong base anion resin in the form of Hyudroxyl (OH-), whereupon all the negatively charged ions (chloride, sulphate, nitrate, etc) are exchanged for hydroxide ions which then combine with the hydrogen ions to form water. Our range of demineralization plants with MIX BED are used in many type of industries. These demineralized water systems are designed in a way that removes the dissolved solids from the raw water. The Demineralization Plant comprises strong acid cation and strong base anion unit that purifies water passing through it. This process offers water with less than 15 microS/cm conduction and very less total dissolved solids. The entire range is available in various specifications and can be customized as per clients' specifications. Our demineralization plant performs efficiently in purifying and removing varieties of dissolved impurities from water. Advantages of our plants: The plants are of packaged modular design which gives competitive prices. Our standard range of products covers most requirements. The plants have a simple structure, are easy to operate, and the design is corrosion-resistant and compact. Frame-mounted plants are easy and quick to install. One of our plat is installed in Nagpur for our prestigious client who are into turnkey projects. Our expertise in water and waste water treatment gives us an extra edge to provide you best solution over our competitors. We have our own manufacturing unit at Palghar district, this makes service and spare parts available easily within 24 hours. With experience of more than 1000 projects we can assure you to deliver you plant with good output as per your requirement. Visit our factory and office for visual inspection of our quality work. You can also visit our website for more information.
SAND FILTER : Sand filters are used as a step in the water treatment process of water purification. There are three main types; rapid (gravity) sand filters, upward flow sand filters and slow sand filters. All three methods are used extensively in the water industry throughout the world. The first two require the use of flocculant chemicals to work effectively while slow sand filters can produce very high quality water with pathogens removal from 90% to >99% (depending on the strains), taste and odour without the need for chemical aids.[1] Sand filters can, apart from being used in water treatment plants, be used for water purification in singular households as they use materials which are available for most people. We are designing and supplying our own sand filter for last 30 years and our customers are highly satisfied with our product and service. we have our manufacturing unit in Palghar. We supply our systems all over India. You can visit our website or you can call us on 18001239411 for more details.