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Reverse Osmosis Chemicals, Industrial & Commercial RO Chemicals Reverse osmosis chemicals to improve the performance of your reverse osmosis system’s membranes. Reverse osmosis (RO) membrane performance can be negatively impacted by impurities that build up on the membrane surface during operations. Suspended solids, microorganisms and mineral scale can foul membrane elements. These deposits can cause loss in output and/or rejection levels and reduce total system performance. The membrane separation process utilizes a high-pressure feed to force water through a semi-permeable barrier. As the water passes through the membrane, contaminates are rejected and eventually flushed to the waste stream. The concentration of the contaminants is crucial to determine the design and operation of the membrane system. During normal operations, membranes can become fouled by colloidal material, inorganic oxides, biological matter, and scaling salts. Fouling involves the entrapment of material in the feed water or deposits on the membrane surface. These deposits can accrue until they cause a reduction in flow, increase in feed pressure requirements, loss of salt rejection, or all three. BEPURE membrane chemical's products are formulated to treat a wide variety of commercial reverse osmosis (RO) systems, nanofiltration (NF), and ultrafiltration (UF) systems. Antiscalants: The Antiscalant chemical from BEPURE is designed to eliminate scale and reduce fouling in membrane systems, regardless of the feed water source. Successful membrane cleaning relies on both the effectiveness of the cleaning compounds and the design and operation of the cleaning equipment. BEPURE can offer suggestions on cleaning system design and cleaning procedures to ensure the most effective results. Antifoulants: Effective control of bacterial growth and slime. Need better membrane performance? At BEPURE , we understand how critical membrane performance is to your reverse osmosis system. We offer a complete line of products to extend the life of membrane elements, improve the quality of water produced and reduce the amount of maintenance and cleaning your reverse osmosis system requires. Product Model No. : SAI-TREAT R.W.T. 1 R.O. ANTISCALANT SAI-TREAT R.W.T. 2 R.O. CLEANER SAI-TREAT R.W.T. 3 R.O. CLEANER SAI-TREAT R.O. 7 R.O. ANTISCALANT
INDUSTRIAL RO SYSTEM MANUFACTURER IN MUMBAI We design high capacity RO Plant for industrial purpose. We had designed and installed 300LPH RO Plant in Nirmal Industries, Mumbai in September 2018. We design and manufacture RO systems as per customers needs thus giving end to end solution to any industrial application. Our plants are highly praised in market for their low maintenance and longer service life Features of our plant are 1. Low maintenance. 2. Leak proof. 3. High strength. 4. Good Performance. Our presence all over Maharashtra, Gujrat, Karnataka makes our service available at one call. We have launched our new product ALKEN which is stainless steel water purifier with stainless steel water container. For more information you can visit our website Click Here
An Installation of 1500 lph RO System for recycling of effluent in Malad, Mumbai. RO systems from SAI-TREAT deliver high performance at the lowest life-cycle costs. Our pre-engineered systems are built with high-quality components designed specifically for water purification. They arrive at your facility ready to run with all filters, membranes, pumps, piping, controls and operating manuals. SAI-TREAT is also unique in design and operation of these units. We build the complete machine, but SAI-TREAT stock all major RO systems components, such as membrane elements, controls, filters and high pressure pumps.
Diminiraliztaion Plant: What is Demineralizer? A demineralizer is a system, which uses ion exchange chemical process to remove dissolved ionic compounds (salts) from water. It is also known as Deionized Water System, Demineralizer or DM Plant. A typical Demineralization Plant (DM Plant) consists of two vessels. The feed water or raw water is passed through first vessel i.e. containing strong base cation resin in the form of Hydrogen (H+), whereupon all the positively charged ions (sodium, calcium, iron and copper etc.) are exchanged for Hydrogen ions; after that, the water further passed through another vessel containing strong base anion resin in the form of Hyudroxyl (OH-), whereupon all the negatively charged ions (chloride, sulphate, nitrate, etc) are exchanged for hydroxide ions which then combine with the hydrogen ions to form water. Our range of demineralization plants with MIX BED are used in many type of industries. These demineralized water systems are designed in a way that removes the dissolved solids from the raw water. The Demineralization Plant comprises strong acid cation and strong base anion unit that purifies water passing through it. This process offers water with less than 15 microS/cm conduction and very less total dissolved solids. The entire range is available in various specifications and can be customized as per clients' specifications. Our demineralization plant performs efficiently in purifying and removing varieties of dissolved impurities from water. Advantages of our plants: The plants are of packaged modular design which gives competitive prices. Our standard range of products covers most requirements. The plants have a simple structure, are easy to operate, and the design is corrosion-resistant and compact. Frame-mounted plants are easy and quick to install. One of our plat is installed in Nagpur for our prestigious client who are into turnkey projects. Our expertise in water and waste water treatment gives us an extra edge to provide you best solution over our competitors. We have our own manufacturing unit at Palghar district, this makes service and spare parts available easily within 24 hours. With experience of more than 1000 projects we can assure you to deliver you plant with good output as per your requirement. Visit our factory and office for visual inspection of our quality work. You can also visit our website for more information.
SOFTNER PLANT: We design and manufacture very efficient Water softeners that are effective in reducing the hardness of the Water. They help in producing soft water by highly acidic cation exchanger, which removes calcium and magnesium ions from the water. Our water softener plant is portable, easy to move from one place to another. It also involves less effort in terms of installation and maintenance. As one of the leading drinking Water softening plant manufacturers based in Maharashtra, India, we make our products available to our customer’s at the most affordable price range. Application of softener plant: 1. Boiler Feed. 2. Cooling Tower Make-Up. 3. Air Conditioning Plant. 4. Textile Processing. 5. Beverage Production. 6. Hospitals, Hotels, Laundries etc. 7. Food processing. 8. Chemical & textile. 9. Water power plants. 10. Ice plant. 11. Dyeing processes. 12. Pharmaceutical industries. 13. Product finishing. We cater our service in all industrial segment ranging from pharma, steel, hotel, cement, fabrics, food and many more.Our customers are highly satisfied with our system and we are generating 55-60% of our revenue with repetitive orders . This shows our after sales support quality and great performance of our system manufactured. You can visit our manufacturing our factory at Palghar District for your visual inspection of our manufacturing process. We have installed above system for our client Hindustan Labs with capacity of 650LPH. (Picture credit Our client)